История развития бренда myemi
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Myemi Brand

Myemi is a Russian brand that has become a development of the Emi brand, combining the best European traditions of design and production.Sophisticated cut, high-quality fabrics and accessories, original details create a certain image - elegant, feminine, and at the same time practical.

Our designers are graduates of leading Russian and European specialized educational institutions, who have adopted the experience of famous fashion designers. They track global trends and, together with masters of sartorial art, embody them in Myemi collections. The professionalism of the team and the focus on high results allow the brand to keep up with the times in the rapidly changing fashion world.
Myemi - harmony of intellect and style

Myemi production is located in St. Petersburg. This allows you to monitor the quality of products on a daily basis and monitor the full chain of product release. Sewing specialists are professionals of the highest level who have passed all stages of the Soviet school of light industry with appropriate quality control. In addition, some of the brand's products are manufactured in European factories and undergo strict compliance checks with our requirements.

Myemi branded boutiques are open in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen. The brand is also represented in more than 50 multi-brand stores throughout Russia.

Our customer is a successful woman: active, purposeful and practical; at the same time, she is refined and romantic. A modern heroine who knows that the best investment is self–improvement and self-realization in the most diverse areas of modern life.